Everything you need to know!

1.  How much alcohol will I need?

 It's probably the question we get asked the most.  The answer?  Not as  much as you think.  It has always been our policy that an event never  runs out of a particular item, so we always bring out more inventory  than needed, so don't worry about that.  On average figure about 2  drinks per person per hour.  A four hour reception for 150 adult guests  would require about 1200 drinks to be served.  However, the number of  drinkers vs. non-drinkers in attendance, age of the group, time of day,  time of year, weather conditions, indoor vs. outdoor events, type of  food being served, serving size of the glass and location of the bar are  factors that need to be considered in planning an event.  One thing you  don't have to worry about?  Having enough.  We always bring more than  necessary because we offer the service to take back whatever is not  used. 

2.  Delivery

There is a $300 fee for our delivery and pickup service.

3.  Should I buy bottled beer or kegs for my event?

 Typically, kegs are a little cheaper than bottled beer, but bottles  offer a much greater variety.  We sell kegs and can certainly make them  available at your event (caterer permitted), but we overwhelmingly  recommend bottled beer.  Why?  Because you can offer your guests several  brands to choose from for about the same price with a lot less hassle  especially in regards to serving time for your guests.  It takes a lot  longer to draw a glass of beer from a keg vs. pop a top and go.  You  want that bar to keep flowing! 

4. Do you offer signature drinks?

 Yes, signature drinks are very popular right now and highly recommend  especially if you are not having a full bar with liquor.  Our most  popular signature drinks are Mojitos, Sweet Tea Vodka, Blue Hawaiian and  Margaritas.  Signature drinks are a great conversation starter and your  guests will rave about them. 

5. What happens to the alcohol after the wedding?

 We will arrive for pick up the moment the event ends. There is a $300  fee for our delivery and pickup service. Please note: If there is  anything you would like to take with you from the bar at the end of the  event (for example: open bottles of liquor) it is your responsibility to  take them. We highly recommend that you assign somebody in your party  to meet us during the pickup time to inform us of what you would like to  keep. We can assist in boxing up anything you would like and we will  carry it to your vehicle, however if nobody is there at the time of  pickup we will remove all the alcohol from the site as required. Once we  leave the event site, all the products picked up from the event are the  property of Little Bros. Beverage Outlet. 

6. Do you take credit cards and checks?

 Yes we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.  You  can also mail a check to 67 Church Street, Flemington NJ 08822. 


7.  How far in advance do I need to book my event

We do over  200 weddings a year so we recommend booking our services 60-90 days in  advance, however  we have a very fast turnaround time and most times we  will be able to accommodate you.  

If you have any other questions, please call 908-788-3775