Policies & procedures


Agreement: Agreement  to our services requires use of our products only.  If outside  beverages are at the event, our policy is that the customer must keep  all products delivered, in order to avoid confusion at time of pickup.

Payment:Two weeks prior to the event, we require 75% payment of the agreed quoted price (quoted price is based on estimated usage).  This is your deposit for our services, as well as confirmation of the  final order. Once the deposit is secured, there are no further changes  made to the order. No exceptions. The day after the event we will  contact you via email with the final balance or credit. We require any  remaining balance to be paid within 24 hours of receiving the final  bill. We accept all major credit cards, as well as checks for the  deposit. We also require that you leave a credit card number on file  with us until after the event ends.

Delivery:We arrange the date and time of delivery often through the caterer, but sometimes through the client.

Pickup:We will arrive for pick up the moment the event ends. There is a max $300 fee for our delivery and pickup service depending on distance. Please note:open bottles of wines, cold beer, and liquor is your responsibility.You must take it with you from the bar at the end of the event.  We highly recommend that you appoint somebody in your party to meet us  during the pickup time to inform us of what you would like to keep.  However if nobody is there at the time of pickup, we will remove all the  alcohol from the site as required. Once we leave the event site, all  the products picked up from the event are the property of Little Bros.  Beverage Outlet.

How We Calculate Your Bill:We  do not charge you for what you received at the time of delivery. We  charge you for what was consumed at the event. However, if an item that  we have picked up is unsalable you will be charged for it. Look  for a list of unsalable items. Therefore, we highly recommend that you  designate somebody to pick up any and all products you wish to keep at  the end of the event.

Unsalable Items:

Damaged labels (chilled products)
Cases of beer that have been opened
Bottles with broken seals
Partial bottles